Click on photos for enlargements.  You can then click the neighbouring photos to go through them.

Note on captions: (*)  indicates that some detective work has been carried out; (?) indicates guesswork and caption may change.  Quotes are from the back of the photo in Geoffrey’s handwriting, as are some of the other identification notes.

All photographs are understood to be the property of the late Geoffrey Pett, copyright is reserved by Pett Projects on behalf of his family.  Use of any images for commercial gain is prohibited without agreement by the owners of this site.  Images may be reproduced on the web for educational or research purposes provided full acknowledgement is given.



  1. The ones of Cairo look right (style of buildings) and right dates. Juba/Khartoum needs a decision as to which one – if I had to pick I’d go for Khartoum given the swiiming pool. I wasn’t aware Pop went to Jinja before his honeymoon – perhaps this is taken during his honeymoon and you can compare it with the honeymoon album.

    Questions: how do these photos relate to the Photo Album. Eventually all these pictures will need to be tied in to some sort of narrative and the postings.

    • Yes, I am hoping that the tapes will give lots more clues and the intention is to link them. I think the Jinja one was taken on honeymoon but it will be confirmed later.
      Dates and places will tie up ok otherwise I wouldnt have put them on; they are only confirmed when there is no (?) or (*) after them. At present if this isn’t there it means they had something written on the back or it is stamped with the same stamp as those in the Juba/Khartoum 1941 folder.

  2. The only way I could get out of a picture I had clicked on was to use the go-back arrow. If there is a way could it be added to the instructions at the beginning?

    • If you clicked once, you should get to a larger picture of the one you wanted, plus a thumbnail of the two either side, all in the framework of the website, so you should have the menu bars available.
      If you double clicked it may have gone straight to the picture in a blank frame, so yes, ‘go back’ is your only option. Try a single click and let me know if you still have a problem. It may be different for different browsers but that would be odd.

  3. I clicked once and got the larger picture and two thumbnails with the google menu bar at the top. The only way back wa via the ‘go back’ button at the top left of the google bar.
    When I clicked twice I got the larger picture on the blank screen and had to get out via the ‘go back’ also.

    • Oh that’s a shame, mine is still within the website frames.

  4. […] there is a photo in the Gallery at Geoffrey’s Box or the photo album (in the menu above) that you’d like me to feature, please let me […]

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