Posted by: eppingstrider | 02/07/2012

Sir Ross Stainton RIP

After a long time between posts, working on other projects, I turned back to tracing the fates of the other Commercial Trainees, since Geoffrey’s box included a mailing list.  He had not updated it much since 1993.  Most of the updates have been accomplished with the England & Wales register of Deaths to 2006, but the obituary for Sir Ross Stainton (which I had been somewhat alert for, since I knew he had taken part in a documentary about five years ago) passed me by.

Here is the link to the obituary in the Telegraph.  Sir Ross Stainton 1914 – 2011



  1. I am James Wani from Rejaf where you used to fly to in Sudan now south Sudan. That airport is no more there washed by the Nile water
    But the road you built still exist but need rehabilitations for future remebrance

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