Posted by: eppingstrider | 30/01/2012

New Blog Title

After a little correspondence (thank you) I have changed the title of this blog to “White Water Landings”.  This reflects the description of a flying boat landing (and presumably taking off too).  I couldn’t find any snappy quote within  the transcripts, but I was inspired by the picture in the blog header and what Geoffrey said of the first flying boat to arrive at Lindi:

“To have this flying boat coming in and landing, the magnificent flying machine coming down and landing on the water, beautiful spray coming up till she’d settled down, and then taxiing to the moorings … everyone was exceedingly happy!”

They weren’t really white water landings of course, not until the boat had touched down.  Flying boats needed reasonably calm water for a good landing although there were a number of landings in tricky weather at Lindi, from what Geoffrey describes.

I hope it wont be too confusing to anyone who had bookmarked it by its previous title (Beyond the Blue Horizon) which was also the name of Alexander Frater’s book about Imperial Airways.    There may be some comments in the blog that refer to this old name but I will leave them for posterity.


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