Posted by: eppingstrider | 17/10/2011

Comment: Voice recordings and other progress

After a summer break I’ve now acquired the technology to record the tapes onto the computer and then post them on here.  I’m currently planning to match the tape files to the posts already published here so you can listen as you read, but if you have any suggestions for other ways to do it, please leave a comment below.

In the longer term I was thinking of doing a ‘Highlights’ page with links to particular sections, a little like a summary.

I do have to get an upgrade to this blog to upload the voice files.  An alternative is to use YouTube or something like that to store them, but then you would have to have both this website and YouTube open if you wanted to read and listen.  I should probably copy all the tapes to an audio file and publish it, maybe in a dedicated file on Photobucket, just in case…

I also hope to start looking at the paperwork and scanning in some of the more interesting papers and unlabelled photos over the coming months.


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