Posted by: eppingstrider | 08/07/2011

Comment: Edits tape

I’ve now finished transcribing tape 6, the edits tape.  There are a couple of new stories which I’ll post next but most of it was correcting things which had already been picked up as they were obvious in the original transcription.  He also spends time listing the dates from the paper which was already posted here (as Postings), which is a shame.  I was glad I had done that early though as it was very useful to cross-reference as I listened to the tapes.

I’m just sad he spent time on this when we (his family) would have really liked to get to the stage of him leaving Cairo, as we have a little puzzle we’d like to solve as to why Frances and the baby had to leave in what we always understood to be a rush. My sister-in-law and I both had the same version of events but my brother (the baby in question) says that the political situation was quite settled at that time.  Maybe Geoffrey was waiting for a possible posting to an unwelcoming spot for a young family and felt it best they should go home to his parents.

It would also have been nice to have had a little more information on the way the Horseshoe route operated and its break up as the war progressed in the Far East.  But we have the anecdotes and information on the flying boat service he has given us, and I hope that adds usefully to the history of this fascinating time.


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